The Universal Dry Fix Ridge and Hip Kits

The T-URK/6M Fast-Fix ridge kit is for ventilated ridges and can also be used for Hip fixing. Providing robust installation for ridge tiles, cover joints between tiles and allows for the recommended 5mm ventilation. The kit includes all components and fixings to complete a six-metre ridge, with ridge end caps available separately.

Colours: Available in grey, brown, terracotta and black. 

(Lead times may vary depending on colour – get in touch for more info) 

Conforms to BS8612 standards. All manufacturing accredited to BSEN ISO 9001:2015.


  • Quicker to fit than traditional methods
  • Unique Ridge cover clamp fixing system
  • Improved design for better appearance
  • Enhanced resistance to wind and water penetration
  • Fits most concrete and clay ridge tiles
  • May be fitted in inclement conditions
  • Suitable for both ridge and hip applications
  • Provides the recommended ventilation where required
  • All necessary components supplied in kit
  • All components available separately
  • No special skills or tools required

Component Parts

  • BRV300-A
    Aluminium Ridge Vent Roll Manufactured using two strips of UV stable coloured corrugated aluminium incorporating self-adhesive butyl tapes fixed either side of a waterproof but permeable membrane manufactured to provide ventilation if required. Available 1 per kit or in boxes of 4.

  • RBS-450
    Ridge Batten Strap 450mm Manufactured from 1.2mm thick “Zintec” galvanized mild steel.  Available 10 per kit.

  • T-UR/Union Ridge
    Union Injection moulded in specially blended UV stable Polyethylene.  Available 13 per kit.