Fast Fix Over Fascia Ventilators

Offering a unique low-profile, almost undetectable design for minimum disruption to the eaves detail.

Attributes include

  • A continuous 10mm/25mm air gap
  • Extremely resistance to weight of tiles and crushing by foot traffic
  • Lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rotting
  • An integral 4mm grill preventing entry into the roof
  • A 10mm vent suitable for conventional cold roofs
  • A 25mm vent suitable for warm roofs, flat roofs and for roof pitches below 15ยบ
  • Suitability for buildings with or without soffit overhang, new or refurbished, and buildings with corbelled eaves
  • Manufactured from 100% re-processed material available in 1m and 0.5m lengths with a unique slide- on action allowing for secure fast-fix, speedy and accurate fitting.